About Avery Oil & Propane

Avery Oil & Propane is a family-owned business that has taken pride in serving their friends and neighbors across southern Michigan since 1976. The focus of our business and our family is not to make the biggest profit but to make the biggest impact. We value the people that work for Avery Oil & Propane as family and are grateful to the customers who have allowed us to be in business for more than 40 years. We take pride in the fact that we sell a product that makes lives easier and better for those we serve across southern Michigan, from Marshall to Dexter, from Lansing to the state line.

“Is it the right thing to do?” is a simple question, but it is one members of the Avery family use as a guiding force in both how they live their lives and how they run their business. It’s a guidepost for them that started with Randy Avery, who has spent his lifetime treating people fairly.

Randy Avery started delivering fuel for Bill Donovan in 1971, when Randy was just out of college. Five years later, Randy and his wife, Jeanne, packed up, moved to Rives Junction and partnered with Donovan to buy a small fuel distributor. Randy delivered fuel and worked in sales; Jeanne ran the office. In 1989, the company added propane to their product offering, and two years later the Averys bought out Donovan. Avery Oil & Propane, Inc. was born.

In 2016, Avery Oil & Propane celebrated its 40th anniversary. Over the course of four decades, the business has grown from one employee to 40. It now has offices in Rives Junction, Mason and Tecumseh along with two Dandy Randy Food Stores and two Pacific Pride locations. We are proud of our longstanding reputation for being a good company to work for and work with.

Our History

  • 1971: Randy Avery begins delivering fuel for Bill Donovan. A longtime friendship and business partnership is born.
  • 1976: Avery and Donovan purchase Barnes and Long Oil, a small distributor located in Rives Junction. Donovan and Avery Oil is formed.
  • 1983: Donovan and Avery Oil purchase Freeman Oil Company and adds what is currently the Mason location.
  • 1986: The company expands into the retail business and opens its first service station and convenience store, located in Mason, and names it “Dandy Randy Food Store.”
  • 1989: Donovan and Avery Oil add propane to their product line, which turns out to be a major development for the company.
  • 1980s-90s: Avery Oil purchases several local distributors and adds substantially to the customer base.
  • 1991: Randy and wife Jeanne Avery buy out Donovan and change the name of the business to Avery Oil & Propane, Inc.
  • 1999: Avery Oil & Propane purchases R.A. Boley Fuels and adds what is currently the Tecumseh location.
  • 2016: Avery Oil & Propane celebrates its 40th anniversary.

The Avery Promise

Fair prices
We pride ourselves on treating all our customers fairly. We don’t rely on gimmicks, like providing a lower-than-market price simply to steal a customer from another propane company only to increase the price on that customer the following year. That’s not fair to the new customer, who deserves to get a fair price every year, not just the first one. That’s not fair to the loyal customer, who shouldn’t have to pay more for propane than someone who just started with us.

Customers new and old should be able to trust the propane company they do business with. We have worked hard to establish and build that trust for more than 40 years. We will treat you fairly.

Fast service
When you need propane, you need propane. We take pride in providing top-notch customer service. That’s why we guarantee delivery within three business days, which is faster than most in the industry provide. We will provide fast service.

Free delivery
You pay for your propane. You shouldn’t have to pay to have it delivered. We are happy to deliver your propane within three business days. We won’t charge you for it.*

(*We never charge a fee for regular deliveries. Some emergency deliveries may come with a charge.)


Earn a $50 gift card for each person you refer that signs up with Avery
* Certain Restrictions Apply

Propane, fuel oil and diesel for residential, commercial and agricultural uses.

Delivery within three business days and no added delivery fees.

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