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We are proud to provide our agricultural and commercial accounts with Avery Ultra Diesel on and off road. Avery Oil & Propane has formulated a proprietary diesel additive that when added to ULSD will upgrade the performance of the diesel to meet and exceed the performance of Premium Diesel.

Protecting your investment with cutting edge technology. Avery Ultra Diesel now has SYNSHIELD™, a proprietary lubricity additive, blended with Avery Ultra Diesel, that surpasses industry standards when it comes to lubricity in fuel. SynShield™ is one of the few lubricity additives that exceeds EPA’s new standard. SynShield™ does NOT contain sulfer.

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Avery Ultra Diesel Benefits:

  • Improve Mileage
  • Improve Horsepower
  • Increases Cetane
  • Reduces Emissions
  • Improves Fuel Lubricity
  • Cleans Injectors
  • Inhibits Corrosion
  • Controls Moisture

Cetane is a measure of the ignition quality of diesel fuel. Diesel fuels with higher cetane numbers result in smoother running engines with less power lags and faster cold starts. Avery Ultra Diesel + Cetane Boost is an additized fuel that provides the cetane level diesel engines require to run at peak performance.

Avery Ultra Diesel + Cetane Boost has been formulated to contain the most advanced injector cleaning technology. This technology provides maximum injector cleanup of injection deposits in all fuel injection systems, including High Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) systems installed on 2007 and newer engines. The engine operational improvements are significant:

  • Decreased fuel consumption up to 8 percent: Fuel savings exceed cost of additive
  • Increased power and reduced need for downshifting
  • Smoother and quieter engine operation

A clean injection system is the key component to efficient engine operation. A clean injection system burns fuel more completely, which results in more power and a reduction in fuel consumption of up to 8 percent. That equates to 8 gallons of diesel fuel FREE with every 100 gallons of diesel fuel you use.

Slickdiesel sets the standard for lubrication of diesel fuel injection systems. The components of diesel fuel-injection systems are lubricated by diesel fuel. Without proper lubrication, fuel injectors and pumps are subjected to increased wear rates and premature failure.

High Frequency Reciprocating Rig or HFRR is the ASTM standard for evaluating the lubricity of diesel fuels. The test measures the lubricity, which is the ability of a fluid to effect friction and wear between surfaces in relative motion under load. The test was developed in conjunction with the transition to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuel, because the dramatic reduction in sulfur negatively impacted the lubricity of the fuel. The results of the test are recorded as measurement of Wear Scar Diameter or WSD. The larger the WSD, the less lubrication qualities of the fuel. The maximum WSD permitted by ASTM D975 is 520 microns. The Engine Manufacturers Association (EMA) recommends a 460 micron WSD.

Ultra Diesel + Cetane Boost provides effective reliable cold-weather operability.

In winter, Ultra Diesel + Cetane Boost:

  • Prevents fuel gelling in temperatures as low as minus-40F.
  • Keeps fuel liquid during extended engine shutdowns.
  • Equals performance of a 50/50 blend of No. 2 and No. 1 diesel fuels.
  • Lowers the Cold-Filter Plugging Point (CFPP) as much as 36F, which keeps fuel filters from plugging with wax.
  • Protects against fuel-filter icing.
  • *For farms and industrial processing a link is provided for you to print, fill out and mail an Exemption Certificate for diesel fuels, gasoline, motor oils and propane to be delivered exempt of applicable taxes.
  • *For non-profit and government, please use this link to print, fill out and mail an Exemption Certificate for diesel fuels, gasoline, motor oils and propane to be delivered exempt of applicable taxes.
  • ** The purchaser assumes all liability for the payment to Avery Oil & Propane and understands that any fraudulent use of this certificate to buy any taxable fuel free of tax or at a reduced rate may be subject to penalties, which may include fines or imprisonment, or both, together with the cost of prosecution. **

Failure to provide Avery Oil & Propane with a current exemption certificate will result in all applicable taxes assessed until there is a current certificate on file. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.

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